vendredi 22 août 2014

Fathers of ISIS

The organization abbreviated as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) is not a newfound expression of the crises afflicting Arab societies at a moment of profound transformations, initiated by 2011 revolutions.
To the contrary, ISIS is the offspring of more than one father, and the product of more than one longstanding and widespread sickness. The organization’s explosive growth today is in fact the result of previously existing, worsening conflicts that were caused by the different fathers.

jeudi 21 août 2014

Le tournant des armes chimiques en Syrie et l’effacement de la ligne rouge

Le passage ci-dessous est un extrait de "Syrie la révolution orpheline". Il traite de "l'affaire chimique" syrienne, suite à l'attaque au gaz Sarin menée par le régime de Bachar Al-Assad contre les civils dans la Ghouta de Damas, faisant plus de 1400 morts, le 21 août 2013.

jeudi 7 août 2014

The arms trade and Israel's attack on Gaza - International Appeal

An appeal by Nobel Peace laureates, intellectuals, diplomats, artists and jurists to "implement a comprehensive and legally binding military embargo on Israel, similar to that imposed on South Africa during apartheid".

Israel has once again unleashed the full force of its military against the captive Palestinian population, particularly in the besieged Gaza Strip, in an inhumane and illegal act of military aggression. Israel's ability to launch such devastating attacks with impunity largely stems from the vast international military cooperation and trade that it maintains with complicit governments across the world. Over the period 2008-19, the US is set to provide military aid to Israel worth $30bn, while Israeli annual military exports to the world have reached billions of dollars.

Qu’attendent les Palestiniens pour ouvrir la porte de la CPI? - Alia Aoun

Les civils de Gaza meurent par centaines sous le feu de l’armée israélienne et une question lancinante demeure sans réponse : qu’attendent donc les palestiniens pour saisir la Cour pénale internationale (CPI)?
Le texte intégral de l'article de Alia Aoun, paru mercredi 6 aout dans Le Monde.