samedi 20 février 2016

Syria: The Barbarian State

Let us say at the outset that Syrie, la révolution orpheline is a highly valuable document, an essential book for anyone who wishes to better understand the Syrian revolution and the country’s long descent into hell. Its publication last spring should thus be welcomed in more ways than one.

The book is based on the very accurate and personal knowledge that the author, political scientist Ziad Majed, has amassed at each stage of what has become the contemporary Syrian tragedy. It helps to understand both the origins of the revolution and the Assad regime’s repressive response to it, by tracing the revolution’s foundations and recent history and by shedding light, in five chapters, on the key elements being played out in Syria today. This short, beautifully written, and clearly constructed book provides readers with information and analyses drawn from primary sources obtained through close relations with key players of Syria’s domestic scene.

To Read LEILA VIGNAL's review of "SYRIE LA REVOLUTION ORPHELINE" (translated by Arianne Dorval and published in, please click here.